May 7, 2021

Master of Darkness: Alister Crowley - Special Release

Here is a release from my other podcast Mysterious Radio. If you like the show you can follow us anywhere you listen to audio! To…

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April 29, 2021

Morgellons Disease: Microscopic Robots in Your Body?

Some say every human on the planet is already infected with Morgellons. My special guest tonight is Dr. Christopher Macklin who s…

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April 27, 2021

What Are People Seeing In The Lakes Of Wisconsin?

My special guest is Chad Lewis who's here to discuss the numerous sightings over the years of "something" lurking in the many lak…

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April 18, 2021

Spirituality and Other Dimensions

In this edition of Bizarre Times my special guest is Christopher White who makes the argument that spirituality and other worldly…

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April 15, 2021

Sasquatch Encounters on The Reservation

Tonight, my special guest is Brenda Harris who is a Sasquatch researcher. She's here to tell us about encounters the Navajo peopl…

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April 10, 2021

Sex Creep: Jeffrey Epstein

William Ramsey of William Ramsey Investigates is joining me to discuss Jeffery Epstein and how he preyed upon young girls for sex…

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April 9, 2021

44 Years in Darkness

Tonight, Sylvia Shultz joins me to discuss how a woman spent 44 years of her life locked away in a utica crib to the point of scr…

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